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Japan Bans Drink-Droning

Everyone is aware of the dangers and consequences of drink-driving, but now Japan has outlawed drink-droning – operating a drone while under the influence of alcohol – following a series of accidents.

Earlier last week, the country’s parliament passed legislation that prevented users from operating a drone while drunk to reduce …


Will Technological Advancements Mean VR Could Become Our New Reality?

A decade ago, virtual reality (VR) was not the mainstream form of entertainment that it now is. Most of us could only experience a different dimension at selected stores and theme parks. However, these days, VR has become so much more accessible thanks to impressive technological advancements over the years.

Therefore, …


BBC Launches Doctor Who Episode In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly commonplace these days, with more people using their headsets to enjoy a new realm of animation and gaming.

So popular is VR that the BBC is jumping on the bandwagon, having announced its plans to launch the first ever Doctor Who episode in VR.

The episode …


How Can VR Be Used To Treat Chronic Pain?

When you’re in pain, they say try not to think about it and it won’t hurt so much, and this concept is being extrapolated in medicine at the moment to involve live 360 video production in the form of virtual reality. There’s a new news article almost every day looking …


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