How VR Is Changing Travelling Experiences For Star Wars Fans

How VR Is Changing Travelling Experiences For Star Wars Fans

If you’re going away on holiday, there’s a chance that a certain hobby or interest has led you to make that decision. After all, it’s not unheard of that different franchises have transcended popular culture and become an important part of most people’s lifestyles. If your company specialises in travel services, then VR’s providing one of the best ways to engage with different people’s interests.

According to Global News, the Rec Room at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, has opened the VOID, which is a VR experience focusing on the Star Wars franchise. Yes, that means that fans of the beloved series can turn their holiday into a fantasy experience set in a galaxy far, far away.

The VOID puts players into the role of an undercover rebel, travelling to the planet of Mustafar disguised as a stormtrooper to recover intelligence from the Imperial Army. It’s all part of the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, which has been developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB.

Sarah Marsh, the chief experience officer at the VOID, commented: “It’s location-based hyperreality. It’s more than [sight]. You hear, feel and smell what it’s like to be in a galaxy far, far away.

“You get to be a part of the story and you’re untethered. You walk through the spaces, sit down and pick up objects as you discover your place in the galaxy.”

You’ll know that it’s an experience that many Star Wars fans won’t pass up the opportunity to take part in, especially as they are equipped with a blaster and have to make their way through the facility fighting off against different enemies and solving puzzles.

Sarah Van Lange, the director of communications for Cineplex Entertainment, commented: “[This is different] than anything else in the world. There are so few of these, we are so lucky to be launching it here in Edmonton. There’s only a handful of them around, so the community is in for a treat with this launch.”

No doubt most people will be aware of how far some fans are willing to travel to different conventions around the world, whether it’s Star Wars Celebration or Blizzard Entertainment holding BlizzCon. While those events are held yearly, these types of experiences are one way of creating anticipation for those conventions and offering a service that many people will revisit more than once.

Considering that VR will continue to be integrated into different travel opportunities, then companies should not be overlooking how far they can improve the experience the more that the technology develops.

VentureBeat reports that a new StarVR headset was shown off during SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. The StarVR One has features such as eye-tracking technology, which benefits the user by knowing exactly where they’re looking and creating better clarity for what they see through the headset.

If you like a certain franchise, then it might not be long before it also has a VR experience like the one offered to Star Wars fans. In fact, it reiterates that businesses should be taking notice of how VR can be used to create some truly memorable holiday experiences.

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