2016 Gumball 3000 Supercar Rally in 360 Video

It's not often that Regent Street and other major streets in London are shut down for an event, but the Gumball 3000 is of course no ordinary event. More than 100 of the worlds most exotic supercars descended on the streets of London in May of this year, and we were there to capture it with our 360 video kit!

Gumball 3000 360 video Regent Street

We caught a morning train down to London, arriving just before lunch to find an already growing crowd of fans waiting for their favourite cars to take to the streets. With the first cars not due until the early evening, we had time to plan out our shot locations and logistics for the day. We knew that once the show was underway, moving between different locations would be a challenge due to the sheer volume of people, so we would have to plan out the fastest routes to get between each location. Working with the Marshalls and official Gumball media team we were able to setup in some unique locations to capture the shots no-one else could.

360 video Capture Gumball London

We began the shoot by capturing some context/b-roll material that we could use to convey the atmosphere in the edit, mainly focusing on capturing the crowds lining the streets. We knew that by capturing footage from a higher perspective would work well here in order to show the vast number of people in attendance. Ensuring our rig was as stable as possible was essential, not just from a quality of footage perspective but also from a safety perspective as we did not want to cause harm or damage to those around us or our gear. Using a good quality stable tripod and monopod system proved to be ideal here, with the team standing nearby and even under the tripod at times to be double sure the rig was safe.

360 video Capture Gumball London

With the first cars arriving, the team split up to capture the action from different angles, the focus being the start of the Regent Street leg. We had to move fast to capture as much content as possible, but had to balance this with our available battery life and memory cards.

360 video Capture Gumball London

Our main shot for the day would be with the camera fixed to the car of Gumball's main man and founder - Maximillion Cooper, driving a stunning Aston Martin Vanquish with wife Eve accompanying him. We had little more than 90 seconds to setup and rig the cameras onto Max's car, making for a very tense moment, with main Gumball photographer Alex stalling the cars buying us precious seconds. The cameras then ran for around 17 minutes as Max drove through Regent Street before pulling off and parking up with the rest of the Gumball participants in Golden Square, the resting place for the cars overnight. It was here that the other half of the M7 team were on hand to take care of the camera rig, thanking Max for allowing us to shoot what would sure be amazing footage.

360 video Capture Gumball London

The team then met up on Golden Square and captured the final few cars that arrived such as the beautiful Ferrari F12 in the image below, but with the light fading fast we still had to move quickly.

360 video Capture Gumball London

We finished shooting at around 10:30 in the evening and then had a 3 hour trip home, giving us plenty of time to offload the days footage and review the shots we had captured.

360 video Supercar London

The full video can be found below on the Official Gumball Youtube channel:

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