The Lowdown On Our Johnnie Walker Whisky 360 Video

We were asked to create a 360 video for Johnnie Walker Whisky that would take the viewer on a walk across some of Scotland's most stunning landscapes. The shoot took place over a week, visiting some iconic scenery in the Highlands including Glencoe, Isle of Skye, Crammond Island Causeway and many more.


Upon hearing the brief for this shoot we knew that our fully custom made gimbal system would be a perfect match for this job allowing for steady, seamless motion at the hands of the operator.

We made sure to mark the height of the gimbal to keep the shot consistent as well as keeping the same operator for all shots, walking at the same speed throughout. This allows the piece to flow seamlessly between shots.

Crammond Island Causeway was the first location, and with the tide high as desired upon arrival, the shot had to be captured quickly before the water became too deep for wading. Our gimbal rig was quick to setup and needed little to no adjustment prior to filming, meaning we could get straight onto shooting and capture the footage we needed in time. As with all the shots we capture with our gimbal, the pan, tilt and roll was compensated for nicely deducting the need for stabilisation in post and doing a better job at the same time.


We then travelled to Stirling to the Diageo Distillery where we were able to capture moving 360 footage within the site. With interest all around this location made for some great 360 shots.


On day two we visited the iconic 'Skyfall Valley' near Fort William, aptly named for its appearance in the James Bond film. A location that the production team was unsure about at first but in hindsight provided some of the best footage of the trip. We shot in the evening and had great luck with the weather, with clear blue skies and a beautiful sunset. Despite the uneven ground our gimbal yet again delivered the goods.


As well as the VR shoot, we also had a team capturing traditional video footage for another piece for Johnnie Walker. The drone the team used was the DJI Matrice 600 and a specialist Canon ME20F-SH infrared capable camera which enabled the capture of some truly unique images and allowed us to shoot long after the sun had set thanks to its incredible low light performance.



The finished piece was stitched by ourselves here at M7 and we were able to turn this around in quickly and professionally for our client.


Experience the video below and take 'The Walk'.

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