360 Video - Sorting the Men from the Boys

Shooting quality professional 360 video is harder than it first appears, it is not just a case of putting a cluster of cameras on a tripod and hitting record. Those who have tried have now undoubtedly found out.

The 360 rig position, scene lighting and reflections, as you can imagine are the first problems you would face, but these are the easy ones to fix! With 360 Video you also need to consider;


Anything too close as you could get clipping as objects move from one camera stitch to another. We carry multiple camera rigs for different scenarios ensuring we reduce parallax. We also ensure we frame the shots on subject on each camera where possible. Distance of the subject from the camera in the shot is also a huge factor.

Stitch Seams

Out of sync shots can create blurring effect on the seams. Therefore we always ensure a sync with audio cue points at the Start and Finish. Also Rolling Shutter can sometimes be mistaken as a sync error if shot on too low a shutter speed or the scenes holds too fast camera record movements.


Any movement or vibration is amplified in a dome or headset, it is critical to reduce this prior to stabilization in post.  It can be taken out in post but can be detrimental to quality.

Nadir Spot

How many times we see black spots in the base of a 360 video or a positioned logo to hide things. It is a simple fix on location, you remove the 360 camera and photograph where it was placed, then in post-production mask the black nadir spot out. Simple but really does sort the men from the boys!


There are many more things to consider such as another fix for exposure is changing exposures on top cameras or any that are exposed to greater light. Always carry a HD monitor to check each camera beforehand.

And all of this is before we begin to stitch for a final production.

M7Virtual bring their previous 3D experience & cinematography expertise to all shoots, ensuring we deliver stunning 360 VR experiences which totally engages and immerse the end users into a 360 virtual world.

We generally keep all our footage as 8k and downgrade to 4k if needed. We’ve created a number of 360 video experiences now for the UK’s top media agencies across many locations and settings. Some have been through M7Aerial as we are leading the way for aerial 360 video drone capture.

Contact us and we will be happy to come and demo footage in a headset or dome if needed.

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