360 Virtual Reality UK Experience - On Superbikes!

360 virtual reality UK experience

It's not every day you get a phone call asking you to do a 360 video capture on a 170Mph Superbike with Ron Haslam.  So over to Donnington Circuit, Nottingham for this extreme 360 video we went.  Lots of things running through our heads as we travelled across, where should we put the camera, vibration problems and will it even stay on..!!! What a great 360 VR experience!

360 VR Experience

Above: check out that duct tape..!!!

Our first hurdle was camera position, we wanted to give a rider experience and perspective whilst ensuring it was still safe to ride at such high speeds.  We used a 6 camera 360 setup and ensured it was suction mounted on to the bike.  To say we were over cautious with duct tape is a slight under statement!!  We had one of Ron’s mechanics make a base plate that would sit on the fuel tank of the bike, giving us a flat surface to mount against.  The second issue was vibrations, we minimised these using foam and mesh packing.

We then worked with the riders to ensure clean line of sight and that the 360 video rig didn’t obstruct their vision too much.  After a couple of test laps and camera tweaks it was time for the capture.

10 riders all on the grid and our rider at the back, he has one lap to catch Ron Haslam.

360 virtual reality

Above: Mark with Ron in the pit lane before the 360 video race

The finished edit was recently on the Carol Nash Insurance stand at the NEC Bike Show 2015, where customers could experience the Ron Haslam VR race whilst sat on a replica super bike.  They even managed to make an Oculus helmet for users to get a true sense of the experience.

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