Eyvind Brynildsen Wales Rally GB Onboard 360 Video

Leading up to the final round of the World Rally Championship we had an opportunity to work with Norwegian driver Eyvind Brynildsen as he and his team were testing prior to Wales Rally GB - A rally renowned by enthusiasts all over the world for the exciting stages and tough weather conditions. 2015 was no different.

On the day of the 360 shoot, the weather was relentless - 40+mph winds and rain that was falling horizontally meant we knew this would be a tough day.

360 Rally Shoot

Arriving at the temporary service park, we introduced ourselves to Eyvind's team, and gave them a taster of what they could expect using our Samsung Gear VR headset we had with us. The mechanics and team principals loved the concept, and were keen to work with us. None were more keen than Eyvind himself who, as a GoPro sponsored athlete, was keen to see how our 360 videos and drone footage could aid his growth on social media. The team were very easy to work with, and having seen the 360 camera rig they were happy to let us attach the camera inside the car.

360 Rally Shoot

We chose to use a suction cup mount, placing the rig on the roof of the car in between Brynildsen and Fredriksson which gave us the best viewpoint/ camera position. We spoke with them and the team to make sure the cameras weren't intruding in their space once they were in the car.

360 Rally Shoot

Setting the exposure on the cameras was far from easy, the light on the day was horrendous and we lacked the time to hook up an external monitor to the cameras to check exposure so used previous experience and knowledge of the cameras to gauge the optimum brightness.

360 Rally Shoot

Managing to squeeze in charging and data offload was a challenge, as we wanted to capture as much footage as possible, but knew we had to be reasonable, with the battery life of the cameras being degraded due to the cold. Check out the conditions in this short clip one of our team filmed:

Throughout the day we were able to capture 3 runs, giving us options in post to choose the best stage.

The footage was then stitched over the following couple of days and we were able to present it back to Eyvind and his team at the service park in Deeside during the event.

Check out the final video below:


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