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It was only last year that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, announced his plans that Facebook users would be able to teleport themselves between other user’s profiles with 360VR.  A bold statement at the time, but one that now has seen many industries realise his foresight and vision.  For us one of the more popular areas and one which offers huge potential for 360 video is that of virtual reality tourism.

360 video beach barbados m7 virtual

This started to become evident from our recent London Christmas lights 360 VR experience. With close to 20,000 users watching and then encouraging/sharing the link with their friends, they were all able to explore and see what it would be like to travel through the London City Centre during the festive period. This was when we knew exactly what Zuckerberg vision was all about. Our audience soon became global with the fascination of exploring another country or place they might not have seen before or even to revisit and relive those memories with others.

Each year millions of people all around the globe take vacations or holidays to places that they might never have experienced or seen before.  What if that experience could be captured in a 360 video, then potential customers could be teleported to that destination and look around at their own free will and leisure. You could check out the pool, bar or beach and explore activities or local areas of interest as a taster before you book.

bellagio 360 video vegas

360 Las Vegas - Experience The Bellagio Fountains

A key trick we have found to enhance these experiences is to have narrative, maybe even a VR tour guide or something as simple as voice over narrative. You also need something constantly going on in the 360 video scene so that it looks and feels natural.  Any scenes which are static could just as easily be 360 virtual tour style photographs and these don't have any soul or emotion, they are lifeless.

caribbean beach and sea 360 video vr360 Barbados Hilton - Chill by the beach as the Caribbean Sea laps at your feet

The beauty with 360 video is that the end users can look wherever they want, it is not scripted in a way where they are forced to look at where the camera is pointing, in 360 video the camera is pointing everywhere.  Could this be end of boring static brochures, could customers now actually experience these destinations first hand in full 360?

We recently visited Hilton Hotels in London and Barbados. The feedback we have had has already been fantastic, with end users all saying that they would definitely have the confidence to book those destinations now as they “believe” what is there after being immersed in a 360 video.

barbados horse washed down in sea and captured on 360 video

Destinations and venues anywhere in the world can benefit from allowing users to experience 360 video…..the traditional ways of picking a holiday destination could soon be a thing of the past and 360 headsets could become common place. We also think that with Facebook and Youtube both now supporting 360 video this will allow for potential customers to share venues and destinations.

360 video vr footage las vegas grand canyon

M7Virtual are happy to discuss ideas and concepts for 360 Tourism, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.


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