MTV 360 VR - Geordie Shore

Excited to work with Leeds based marketing agency Savvy on their 360 VR MTV experience.  Possibly the first ever reality TV  360  virtual experience captured in POV. For the well known Geordie Shore show. Viewers are given the chance to experience what it's really like to be right in the middle of one of the show's infamous house parties.  Thanks to the POV (Point of View) aspect and gender choice of viewing the experience.

The highlights of the videos include arguments, food fights, 'cheeky action' and a party in the hot tub.  A normal day and the usual goings on of the show and series!

The concept story line was developed by Savvy with input from the production team including M7virtual on VR/cameras and the MTV Creatives.

Working together we created two separate videos for the Geordie Shore 360 experience. In the first video - Geordie Shore 14 Become A Geordie Lad, viewers can experience the house party as if they were actually one of the Geordie lads. The same with the second video - Geordie Shore 14 Become A Geordie Lass, viewers can experience the night as if they were a Geordie lass, with the 360 rig this time being positioned on a female cast member.

With two different ways of viewing the night users have a more personal viewing experience.  Ensuring it is more suited to the individual.   Encouraging even greater immersion and stronger feeling that the viewer is actually there. The 360 VR MTV experience gives the viewer a look at whats to come before the new series of the show.

On location we used a combination of 360 VR cameras for Savvy lead project - MTV.  Primary camera was a 190 degree fish eye izugar lenses on 4k full CCD.  A GoPro cube and  finally a waterproof double lens 220 fish eye  cameras for the hot tub and outdoor scenes. Each shot was metered, planned and prepared for in advance keeping the shoot flowing from start to finish.  We were able to give live feed onset to Savvy and their Client

Geordie Shore Male View POV

Link to Promo (which is bonkers)

The videos can be launched through the Samsung VR platform, Facebook and Youtube 360 films. To date the videos have had total views of over 220'000 on Facebook alone. This project was a fun one for us.  Many of the Geordie Shore cast had never experienced VR before.   Afterwards is was clear to see they had fun on this shoot also!

360 VR MTV is a great way for fans to engage with their favourite cast members in a whole new way.  A great creative concept developed by Savvy Marketing whom we enjoy partnering with on 360 VR Shoots.

Powerful visual stories!
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