M7 360 VR Live Stream

What is a 360 Live Stream?

Have you ever hosted an event and wanted colleagues to experience the live action you are seeing? Well, now they can, by simply picking up their phone or logging onto their computer, with 360 Live Stream Solutions.  


M7 360 live are the leaders in the field of 360 live technology. It enables businesses to share a real experiences by simply placing a camera in the middle of the action and beaming it – in real time – straight to the end users. 


They don’t need special gadgets or technology; viewers simply watch on 360 platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live or a VR headset.  


With ordinary 2D television, film and cinema, the viewer is only able to watch what the director wants them to see; but with M7 360 live, people can simply move their screen or phone to see what’s around them  - putting them in the director’s chair.  


Imagine beaming your conference around the world as clients, colleagues and stakeholders choose where they want to look. It could be the speaker on stage; other faces in the audience; the panel members or even coffee and cakes at the back.     


Thanks to M7’s use of innovative technology the end user can be anywhere in the world and still fully immersed in the action.  For businesses, this means clients or colleagues no longer need to travel to another location. This avoids COVID restrictions and cuts down on costs without cutting down on user experience.

How does it work? 

M7Virtual has created a reliable, portable and secure wireless setup that works across multiple devices and software programs.

We cater for the individual needs of all our clients through a diverse selection of packages.

  • A local livestream link is suitable for viewing over a local area network (LAN). This is ideal for streams dealing in sensitive information. A leading motion picture company is currently using our tailored technology.
  • Live events can be streamed to sites such as Facebook and YouTube, using a wide area network (WAN). It is perfect for events as viewers can watch from anywhere in the world - truly immersed in the experience.

 The Cure 360 VR live stream

Benefits of 360 live streaming

Using 360 VR video live streaming tech offers a number of benefits for organisations:

  • An unrivalled sense of realism, as traditional mediums - such as 2d video and photography - can't compare.
  • A reduction in travel expenses and travel time which is great for viewers who can watch remotely without the need to visit a location.
  • There is an increase in health and safety. Your colleagues can still virtually attend conferences, site meetings and events, complying with social distancing guidelines. This enables your business to function, as also reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading amongst an organisation.
  • Hazardous environments are made safe.  Virtual 360 live streaming mitigates the health risks often associated with site visits.
  • Streamed social media engagement will increase due to increased fan engagement.
  • The action can be simultaneously recorded and footage can be repurposed for marketing, training and other activations at a later date.


Why M7?

M7 have created a unique and bespoke solution for live streaming which has been tried and tested at the highest level of motion picture films. Our success lies in the ability to work in highly demanding environments and produce the highest quality live streaming service.

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