360VR Video Shoot for Stink.Co London

360VR Video

Towards the end of November 2015, M7 Virtual were contacted by London based studio Stink to create a 360 video tour of the Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch, East London. The 360 film shoot for a leading Hotel Booking Website, whose aim was to start introducing 360 video tours around its hotels as a way for customers to see before they book.

Arriving late Sunday evening gave us time to prepare our 360 camera equipment ready for the shoot the following day. We couldn't resist squeezing in a little 360 filming ourselves that night, attaching our 360 camera rig to the roof of a black cab as the kind driver took us for a drive around London's famous Oxford Street, Regent Street and Leicester Square among others. To find out more about this click here.

360VR Video

With an early wake up call on Monday morning the M7 Virtual team took to the London Underground and headed over to our first meeting point at the Boundary Hotel's reception. Here we were greeted by the Stink Film director who introduced us to the crew and we had chance to discuss the call sheet for the days shots. 4 Locations with 6 shots planned in total meant this was going to be a busy morning of shooting. We then took to the roof top garden for the first filming location.

The rooftop scene played host to the opening and closing shots of the video. With the rain clouds closing in fast we knew we were up against the clock to get these shots in the bag. Luckily Pete our virtual tour guide nailed his lines and within just a few takes we had gotten the shot we wanted. We shot a couple of safety takes using our other 360 camera rig to give us more options during the post production stage.

360 VR Video

The two rigs we used for this shoot were the Freedom 360 Broadcaster and Freedom 360 Original, each have their own advantages and we would chose the most appropriate rig for each shot. The extra overlap and vertical arrangement of the cameras on the Broadcast rig meant that the majority of the shots were captured using this rig.

Having shot the two roof top scenes we headed back inside the hotel and setup in the second location. This scene took place in the executive suite of the hotel, where virtual guide Pete introduces the audience to their room, encouraging them to look around. This room provided some challenges in setting up the cameras. The first issue we had to overcome was where we would mount the camera. The room had a number of mirrors, windows and other reflective surfaces so a great deal of time and thought was taken to ensure the rig would not been seen in the shot. The next issue we faced was the extreme dynamic range of the light outside versus the relatively dark hotel room. By attaching a monitor to each of the cameras in the 360 rig we were able to set the cameras accordingly and find the correct exposure.

With Pete nailing his lines once again we took a 10 minute walk to the next location, Cargo. This unique area is famous for its urban street art with artists such as Banksy having pieces there. This was a great location with lots of hustle and bustle which made getting the perfect shot that little bit trickier.


Pete receiving directions from the team following the first take at Cargo.


Sound check on the live recording whilst the others keep eyes on the weather.

The final shooting location for the day was Bounce Shoreditch, a unique bar where ping pong was founded. This location saw the crew feature in the shot as they played ping pong at various tables in the background whilst Pete does his piece to camera.

Bounce Shoreditch


With one more shot of Bar tender Carlos making Pete a cocktail, the shoot was a wrap. The footage was then backed up at Stink HQ and it was then up to the M7 Virtual team to stitch and post process before providing the files for Stink to create the final edit.


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