Wayback VR Project To Help Alzheimer's Sufferers

For us the Wayback VR Video project started with one of our favourite producers, Helen Dulay (whom we have completed over a dozen projects with).  She had kindly told MPC about ourselves, as a team that shoots good quality 360 VR Video Content.  After an initial project with MPC, they then spoke to us about this collaborative project called WaybackVR.  We then met with the team at Thomas & Thomas Films to discuss the project further and understand how immersive technology could help.

The Wayback VR Video project was setup to help those that suffer from Alzheimer’s

If you know somebody living with Alzheimer’s, you'll know that they can often feel very vulnerable and helpless. As friends and loved ones, we do our best to give them the reassurance and support they need. But with The Wayback project its founders have found a way with virtual reality to go further and do much more to help. We were fortunate enough to be a part of the creation of the film and provided our 360 video expertise as the VR department on set.

Originally formed from a Kickstarter campaign, The Wayback is a series of virtual reality films that faithfully recreate popular moments from history, taking the viewer back to a familiar time and immersing them fully for a few minutes using virtual reality.  Wayback VR film transports people back to a moment firmly in the UK's national conscience; the Queen's Coronation in 1953. A moment that typically evokes very fond memories for those alive at that time.

After being approached earlier in the year by Thomas and Thomas Films based near Soho.  This follows a recommendation by well known post production house MPC.  Whom we had been working with on projects. We were really excited at the prospect of being part of The Wayback and couldn't wait for the shoot.

Blessed with perfect summer weather for both shoot days, providing a wonderful quality of light for the exterior shots and adding to the feel of the street party scenes.   Consequentially this also presented a challenge for us operating the cameras, with a build up of heat, meaning we had to monitor temperature levels throughout the shoot.

It was amazing to see all the cast and extras in their period dress, and the set was looking fantastic thanks to the art department.

It was like stepping back in time!

With the vast amount of choreography required for each scene, it was critical for director Kevin Thomas and the client to be able to see the action live as we were filming. For this reason we chose to use our Teradek Sphere system to stream live playback to two iPad Pros. One for Kevin himself and another just for the client. Combined with our Izugar Z4XL rig this setup worked brilliantly throughout the two shoot days despite intense heat, during both the interior and exterior scenes.

The experience was shared with the residents and staff of a Surrey based care home. Take a look at their reactions by clicking on the image:

Click the image below to watch the finished film on Youtube:

To read more about the project please take a look at The Wayback website: http://www.thewaybackvr.com or read the Guardian article here.

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