Cadburys "Obey Your Mouth" 360 Video Experience

Three things that the M7 team can't resist - 360 video experiences, innovative challenges and Chocolate!  That was the theme for this 360 shoot down on the South Bank in London where we had been asked to create a fun 360 video experience for the Cadbury Obey Your Mouth promotion, a fun and exciting marketing campaign for the UK's best known chocolatiers.

360 video company uk
A 360 little planet view of the Cadbury's Obey Your Mouth Fun House

We arrived on set early in the morning for setup, planning how we would rig up all the moving shots.  This was going to be a difficult shoot for a number of reasons.

  1. It was to cover 5 areas and produce a 360 video which would be around 1 minute in length.
  2. There are spaces with very low light are always a problem with 360 Video.
  3. Moving camera create issues of stabilisation.
  4. Rigging our cable cam solution.
  5. Parallax issues with actors/actresses being so close to camera.
  6. A busy public place with the Cadbury's brand in full view would attract a lot of attention.
360 video cadburys
The disco themed Crunchie room for that Friday Feeling in full 360 video.

Working with the talented & creative team from Wearecraft, we had agreed on a constant moving camera which would travel through the scenes at roughly the same pace throughout.  We first looked at a remote controlled car, but soon realised the first shot has a ball pit, so ruled this option out very quickly.  Drones were also ruled out due to tight flight space and being within the London No Fly Zone.  So a cable cam was realised as the preferred option.  We then had to design, build and test this at the M7Virtual Head Office in North Wales.  Like all innovative solution you have to try different options, our first cable was using 11mm thick climbing rope with a custom built 360 motorised rig.  It seems a little overkill for what we wanted and tensioning the rope was going to be an issue, especially as the cadburys rooms did't have ideal securing brackets to tension or ratchet against without causing some possible damage the sets.  So we decreased the rope thickness to 5mm and created a pulley system.  This ensured it would run smoothly and we could reduce the type of motors on the unit to pull it through the scenes.

360 video company cadbury
Wide angled view from inside the Double Decker room.

On the 360 camera we had to make a call between stabilisation versus parallax (seam tears).  As we also knew that the normal go-pro lens would not cope with the close proximity of the talent and other moving elements within the Cadbury's House.  So we opted for a 6 camera setup but all using adapted 220 fisheye lens, this in turn gave us 50-60% overlap on shots so we could mask out elements.  The M7Virtual Studio team then have worked really hard to stitch the 360 videos on a tight timescale.

360 VR Video Company
How could we not resist some fun on this wacky fun project - Chocolate Buttons Panda!

The final 360 video was turned around within 5 working days.

Within 48 hours of being released via Facebook 360 this video has attracted over 900,000 views.  Clearly showing that 360 videos are an amazing way to connect to audiences and customers on a global social media platform.

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