Hotel 360 VR Film - Regent Porto Montenegro

Sitting on the shores of the Adriatic sea, the Regent Porto Montenegro is one of the most revered waterside hotels in Europe. Having worked previously with the general manager of the resort at the illustrious Sandy Lane Barbados, M7 Virtual were commissioned by Regent Porto to produce a hotel 360 VR film. We spent 6 weeks in the planning and pre-production phase. A base narrative was constructed before creating the shot lists and storyboards. We worked closely with the marketing team at Regent Porto Montenegro to devise a clear vision and feel for the film. This included assisting with casting, costume, locations and more during pre-production.

Creating a Hotel 360 VR Film for Regent Porto Montenegro

Shoot Day One

The film follows four guests experiencing the hotel’s impeccable services. From the fabulous pool and spa facilities, to sourcing local produce alongside their personal chef, and their subsequent evening dinner enjoying the sunset in the stunning surroundings. The shoot began with our two male talent Janko and Mitar driving through the nearby town of Kotor to the hotel. We used the GoPro Fusion camera to capture the exterior shot of the car driving, which gave us some great results. The camera was rigged to the car with a carbon fibre monopod which was later removed in post production. The interior of the car was captured on the Kandao Obsidian and allowed for greater control of camera settings. The 6 lens design made for easy post production and great image quality.

GoPro Fusion 360 car shot

We then began shooting the car arriving at the hotel, and the two male guests being greeted by concierge. Using a motorised slider we were able to create dynamic shots, subtly directing the viewer’s gaze in the direction of travel.

Motorised slider 360 video shot

Shoot Day One Cont.

The Frauscher speedboat and Kotor market scenes came next. We rigged our Kandao camera to the windscreen on the Frauscher. This gave us a great shot of the talent sailing through the bay of Kotor. The GoPro Fusion also allowed us to capture additional angles of the boat travelling at speed. The stabilisation provided by the proprietary software gave us some great results with very smooth motion. Boris FX Mocha VR proved to be valuable in post production. This allowed the removal of the shadow of the camera and rigging to create the illusion of a flying camera.

Frauscher speedboat 360 GoPro video

We also took the opportunity to shoot the water sports scenes, including the stand up paddleboards and sailing activities in the evening. The GoPro Fusion was used again here to capture the POV of Janko falling into the water. This worked as a transition in the film back to shore in the Porto Montenegro village. We used the Adobe suite of VR plugins within Premiere to produce the desired transition effect.

360 video water sports

Shoot Day Two

Shoot day two started with the lobby, where we filmed Janko and Mitar checking in. The motion control of the slider equipment enabled us to repeat the dolly movement consistently. This allowed the capture of dark plates which we could then use to reduce the exposure. This enhanced the detail in bright areas of the scene, such as the windows and exterior glass doors. The pool and spa areas were also a key focus on this day, working with our female talent Ivana and Maja along with the outdoor bar staff. The staff assisted in the dressing of the scenes as well as acting as extras in several scenes.

360 VR film hotel pool and spa

We used our Sony A7 360 rig to capture high resolution, high dynamic range imagery within the spa. This allowed us to maintain an excellent level of detail both inside the spa as well as the bright sunlight through the windows.

Sony A7 360 rig

Shoot Day Three

The third and final day of the shoot was focused around the rooms and penthouse scenes. Throughout the day we spent time preparing the penthouse for shooting in the evening. We knew that time would be tight during the golden hour and we would need to work quickly and efficiently. The bedroom and bathroom scenes were shot first. We split into teams to simultaneously set up and capture the shots saving further time. The Sony A7 rig was used for some of these scenes again to provide excellent colour depth and range. A fun addition to the film was the transition between the scene of Mitar in the bathroom and the cooking scene in the kitchen space with the chef pulling the towel from the camera. This made for a unique transition and breaks the fourth wall with the viewer.

Penthouse 360 Video

The majority of the sunset shots were captured with our motorised dolly system. This allowed us to show the scale of the main living area along with its relationship to the balcony. We worked fast in the fading light to capture the sequence of shots we needed to close the film. We were able to finish the shoot just as the sun began to fall behind the distant mountains.

motorised dolly system for 360 video VR

Post-Production and Delivering a Hotel 360 VR film

M7 Virtual was also responsible for all post production and editing on this hotel 360 VR film. We were able to turn around the finished film within one month. The marketing team at Regent Porto then went on to display the film at trade shows in Europe. Click below to check out the behind the scenes video:

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