Hotel Virtual Tours allowing you to explore resorts and destinations

Hotel Virtual Tours are a great way to engage with customers and keep up with the ever advancing technologies of the world.

Businesses are able to incorporate virtual reality into their businesses as a way to promote innovation. VR is one of the most innovative tools a business can use. Far from being a gimmick, a virtual tour is also a powerful way to boost booking figures and market your business as a whole.

VR made its debut in the world of gaming, more popular with the younger generations. Today, it has made its way into professional business ventures where the world of hospitality has realised the potential of virtual tours.

Hotel Virtual tours and hospitality go hand in hand. Giving potential future guests a 360 walkthrough of their rooms and various other facilities.

Far greater than traditional 2D imagery, users are now able to totally immerse themselves in the hotels of the world without ever actually going inside. The world of hospitality is now totally transparent prior to the purchase. Giving the potential customers a first hand look before they spend their money.

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Hotel Virtual Tours are more than a Gimmick

Within Hotel and Hospitality Virtual Tours Customers are continuously on the hunt for the next best thing. A customers desire for efficient, modern technologies is second to none.

The latest statistics around 360 Virtual Tours for hospitality show that:

  • 360 Hotel Virtual Tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by up to 40%.
  • Hotels that include a Virtual Tour on their website are clicked on average 10x more than those without.

Users have total control of their own walkthrough. This means they can pick and chose which ever angle they wish to look at the room in, and do so at their own pace. Gaining the most amount of knowledge possible, all from their own smartphone.

Not only are Virtual Tours good for customers, they are also good for your own business. If you incorporate 360 virtual tours within a page of your website then your marketing strategies will be looked at innovate and fun. This means that you will place higher on search engines and more people will be inclined to visit your site. Your ability to not only generate new customers, but to keep your existing ones, will certainly increase.

The ability to take these virtual tours in any direction you want is also a huge positive. Some hospitality ventures from around the world are now including a pre recorded member of staff as part of their tours. This means they are able to guide you around the facility, further enhancing the immersion.

Get in touch to find out more about how 360 virtual tours can benefit your Hotel or any other Hospitality Ventures.  The team at M7Virtual have the immersive technology experience to assist you moving forward.

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