London Christmas Lights: 360 Video

360 Video for London Christmas Lights

Happy 360 Christmas from M7Virtual and we hope 2016 is the year of 360 VR!

It's that magical time of the year - Christmas and we couldn’t let it slip by without a sprinkle of 360 video magic ourselves.  As luck would have it we were down in London for an early morning 360 Shoot with Stink which meant our Sunday night in London was free for 360 Innovation.

Cue Oxford Street, Regents Street and Leicester Square Christmas light, our 360 camera rig, a heavy duty suction mount and one very nice London Cabbie.  The rest as they say is history.  Once we got the footage in to the edit suite we were all like excitable little children waiting for Santa ourselves. The footage looked amazing and stitched together so well.  Drop in some festive backing music and hey presto our Christmas 360 Greeting Card was born.

360 video

Its great seeing the first immediate reactions on people’s faces once they experience a 360VR video for the first time.  It is normally followed up by OMG….., how did you do that……, that’s unbelievable…. and so on.

We have been busy behind the scenes at M7Virtual for some months perfecting the capturing and post processing of 360 content.  With both Youtube and Facebook supporting 360 video the timing and ability to roll this out to clients on social media platforms is perfect.  Google Chrome is the preferred browser via the desktop, but both Facebook and Youtube should work on mobile devices if opened in native apps.  The Samsung GearVR headset is still for us the best immersive experience for 360 video.

M7Virtual are fast becoming the go to studio and an industry leader in 360 video.  We can now bring our 360 content to audiences using Facebook and Youtube.  M7Virtual are developing highly creative and engaging 360 content and this going to explode further via social media now supporting and promoting 360 content.

We wish everyone a great Christmas and really hope our 360 London Christmas Lights Video brought a smile to your face.

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