London Luxury 360 Video - Engage with Customers through VR

Straight back after the Christmas & New Year festivities saw ourselves in central London at some of the cities finest high end luxury venues. Our job was to capture 360 degree video footage at three venues which had recently opened in  late 2015.

  1. Hilton Bankside Hotel
  2. M Restaurant & Wine Bar, Victoria Street
  3. German Gymnasium Grand Cafe

The biggest benefit of any 360 video experience is the ability to put the audience or customer into that actual environment as if they were teleported there. Its a phenomenal tool, allowing people to experience venues or locations they might not yet have had the chance to see or explore. They are put inside a 360 virtual environment and can freely look around as they wish. Our clients want just that, and with with ease of viewing on Facebook or Youtube makes 360  virtual reality more accessible to everyone. We are also finding that the 360 videos are helping with Web Search Ranking and Placement.

360 Video London Hotel Restaurant Bar. VR 360 Experience UK m7 virtual
M Restaurant London - 360 Video Camera Setup - Venue VR -M7virtual

A number of holiday tour operators, car manufacturers and venues are now exploiting the potential of 360 video as the leading way to engage with customers. Our remit came via Soluis who have designed and created a Dome Experience, which is ideal for trade shows and larger events where it might not be practical to have a number of headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR available. A 360 Dome is a great tool to engage with larger number of people to share the 360 video experience at once.

Working with the team from Fresh Montgomery we were fortunate to gain access to these venues for our 360 camera capture. You can imagine the slight apprehension from the venue management bringing new 360 VR technology into busy areas with customers present. However we advised them of the minimal disruption and were able to show them previous 360 experiences in our VR headset. Like on many occasions the headset soon got passed around staff and customers alike. All the feedback consisted of gasps of amazement and “how do you do that?”. Giving all the venue management teams the confidence of how this will work for them.

360 Video London Hotel Restaurant Bar. VR 360 Experience UK m7 virtual
German Gymnasium Grand Cafe - 360 Video Capture - London 360VR - M7Virtual

The 360 video captured at the Hilton Bankside Hotel allows people to experience and sample the atmosphere of the lobby, bars, restaurants, pool, conference facilities and bedrooms. The ability to explore a hotel via a 360 video is huge, voiceover or guides can also be added to the experience if needed. The German Gymnasium Cafe and M Restaurant have chefs preparing food, bar staff making cocktails and waiting on staff preparing tables. We can teleport you into any area and allow you to truly experience the venue as if you were there.

The footage is also ideal for interior & design teams of these amazing venues, as they too can share their portfolio in a way like no other. The ability to deliver 360 content and immerse customers into an environment is a great way of capturing and holding their attention. We are going to see an explosion of 360 portfolios across all industries. Already the design teams are talking about other projects in other cities and countries around the world. This is a unique way of engaging and holding customers attention.

360 Video London Hotel Restaurant Bar. VR 360 Experience UK m7 virtual
Hilton Bankside Hotel, London - 360 Degree Camera ready for immersive 360 Video - M7Virtual

The footage will be uploaded very soon to our 360 Channel.

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