Mercedes project included in Forbes Top AR Apps, Projects and Activations of 2019

We just discovered the Mercedes Vehicles 360 film and VR activation has been included in the Forbes Top AR Apps, Projects and Activations of 2019 which we found really exciting!

Working in collaboration with Meet and Potato, Juice Immersive, Draw and Code and Story Catchers, this was a unique project with new challenges for us.  We developed the 360 video content for the project.


Feature in Forbes magazine


The commissioned 360 film had to match the existing TV commercial which was shot 12 months earlier, and then work with motion seating for the VR activation.

Everyone knows we love a challenge so it was right up our street!

After the same actors had been located, the exact shoot locations identified and an X marking exactly where the van was parked for the original advert, we set to with filming the 360 video.

The film was produced to enable potential Mercedes customers to experience the promotional video in virtual reality motion seats and headsets alongside the commercial fleet in their interactive trailer at events throughout the UK. This enabled participants to experience truly immersive and augmented realities and Mercedes to add a truly innovative marketing technique to their campaign.

To show you some of the post-production work we did on the project, we’ve put together a short video on how we tackled the challenge.



Mercedes joins the stable of automotive clients we have already serviced including Suzuki, Seat, Infiniti and Peugeot.

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