Virtual Tours are making estate agents’ lives easier - saving them time, money and delighting their clients. A virtual tour allows a potential buyer to “walk through” a property without being there. A  virtual tours enables someone to look around the whole property with 360 views so they can look up, down and all around. You can easily see how this could be the future of real estate. Virtual tours of properties are quickly becoming the new normal.

According to Estate Agent Today, virtual reality marketing using 3D technology such as virtual tours generates up to:


Most buyers are unlikely to be persuaded to make the most expensive purchase of their life without seeing it first. However, technology can keep the property market alive. It will also change they way houses are bought and sold.

Once the coronavirus outbreak is under control, people will still be buying houses, but sellers may be more wary of inviting strangers in their homes, and buyers will be less keen to travel for a viewing. The changes are here to stay.

Consumers don't need to leave the camerawork to estate agents, however. A 'virtual tour kit' can now be passed directly to the homeowner, with a set of instructions allowing them to capture the tour themselves. The captured footage can then be collected and processed in our studio.


This allows the homeowner to film the tour at a time convenient to them. It also prevents extra people from entering their house during lock-down periods. VR technology is the future of property marketing for all estate agents, with huge benefits for their own firm, as well as buyers and vendors.   

If you'd like to find out more about Virtual Tours and how they could benefit you, please feel free to get in touch.



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