You can imagine our excitement after being given the opportunity to capture VR footage for the Wales Football 360 Video Experience for our home nations football team leading up to the UEFA European Championships 2016. We were invited to spend 3 days with the team at the Vale Resort training camp as they prepared for their friendly match against Northern Ireland at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Cardiff City Stadium Wales 360 Video

360 video content in any sporting field truly gives fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with their sporting icons and connect in a way unlike conventional video media. Fans that are thousands of miles away now have the ability to feel as if they are there in the moment, and gain access to areas that would normally be off limits to the public.

Before capturing any footage it was important that Chris Coleman and his team of coaches were 100% happy with how 360 video technology worked. This involved each and every one of them trying on the headset for the first time. It was one of the funniest and most entertaining experiences we have witnessed with many of the staff wanting to try more videos and stay in the headset longer. Osian Roberts (Assistant Coach) encouraged the players to try the headset for themselves, again it was highly amusing seeing their reactions. The use of the 360 headset certainly provoked a lot of banter and team spirit among all the players.

360 video vr wales

One of the first places we put the 360 camera was on the training field capturing the Welsh squad as they were put through their paces. This was then followed by a visit from the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, a unique behind the scenes experience for the viewers. At the Cardiff Stadium we were able to capture the players during their pre-match technical session.

360 Video capture of the Wales team at Cardiff City Stadium

On game day, our behind the scenes capture again continued with the changing room preparation then the players tunnel as they entered the stadia and then pitch side in front of the thousands of fans during the countries national anthems.

Wales vs Northern Ireland 360 Video captured at Cardiff City Stadium

Since the Football Association Wales have posted the footage online, the video has attracted over 40k views and a plethora of positive feedback from fans, showing how successful 360 video in the world of sport can be.

360 video footage of Wales Football Team at Cardiff City Stadium

We continue to work with the Wales National Football team along with the Wales Coaching Education program where we are currently investigating other 360 video and virtual reality styled applications for decision making and analytical purposes.

360 videos are going to change how we watch sports and how we interact with our favourite players, teams, venues and more. The M7 Virtual team have covered many other sporting events such as motorsport, watersports, equestrian and extreme sports and have a wealth of knowledge on how best to capture these events to give viewers the best experience possible in 360.

The full video can be found below, and is also available on the FAWales' Youtube Channel or the FAWales' Facebook Page.

or check out what is like to train with the team in the Cardiff Stadium the day before.

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