M7 Virtual worked alongside The Welsh Wildlife Trust back in 2016 to create a series of wildlife VR experience for children. The films were a great success and saw viewers swimming with Dolphins and flying like Kingfishers. The films were used in schools and at tradeshows around the UK to help promote the trust.

Dolphin Dive VR Experience

M7 were delighted to be contacted once again by the Welsh Wildlife Trust to create another series of experiences for several locations in South Wales: The first - Parc Slip, a 300 acre nature reserve with a variety of different habitat types supporting many different species. As well as this, over 10km of walking and cycling tracks are on offer. Secondly, Bryngarw Country Park - A popular sanctuary for wildlife and people alike. Bryngarw has a wide range of facilities for visitors to enjoy. The third experience was based around the valleys of Bridgend including Ogmore and Blaengarw. The concept of the piece was to create the sense of soaring over the valleys as the birds of prey in those areas do.

WILD Parc Slip

This VR experience featured a wide variety of wildlife which reflected upon the thriving surroundings of the Parc Slip nature reserve. Butterflies, Foxes, Highland Cattle and even Kestrels and Foxes were captured in full 360 video providing a unique look at these species in the wild, all through virtual reality. We also flew several drone flights over the site to capture the scale of the reserve, with the low setting sun providing great colours and ambience to the shots.

One of the more technical shots in the film was the hovering Kestrel. We knew that this shot would be nearly impossible to capture live in 360, but knew that with some clever compositing, we could achieve the results we wanted. The M7 team captured a 360 'clean plate' shot of the surroundings at Parc Slip which would later form the 360 background for the shot. The Kestrel was then filmed at British Birds of Prey Centre. The team of falconers at the centre were instrumental in allowing us to capture the shot and were able to have the Kestrel hover on command - Impressive. We used a traditional video camera to film the bird close up in slow motion to give us a highly detailed close up shot which could then be composited into the background shot captured at Parc Slip.

Parc Slip Wildlife Virtual Reality Video Kestrel

The 'Yellow Meadow' at Parc Slip was an area that could not be missed out of the VR experience, and the M7 team were able to capture the meadow in full bloom. The bright colours make for a striking opening to the film and show the beauty of the reserve.

Parc Slip Wildlife Virtual Reality Video Meadow

Bryngarw - VR Experience

The VR experience for Bryngarw Country Park was made alongside that of Parc Slip. Bryngarw offers a more family orientated range of facilities and it was important to show this in the VR video. Though wildlife such as Squirrels, Rabbits and Dragonflies feature, the main focus was a family enjoying the park on a day out. This gave the video more of a structure and gives the viewer a point of interest within the scenes. Areas such as the river, playground and meadows were all captured with the family, who were great to work with and helped bring their energy to the VR experience.

Bryngarw Playground

Despite there being a large number of insects around the ponds of Bryngarw, we knew it would be a challenge to capture them live in 360 video. With a small and lightweight GoPro Max 360 camera we were able to set up a camera in the reeds. The camera was left running for several hours in the hopes that we would capture the shot we wanted. After searching through the enormous video files once back at the office, the team discovered they had captured a great close up shot of a dragonfly landing right next to the camera. This was a great addition to the film and made for a really unique shot.

Bryngarw Dragonfly

WILD Valleys

The third VR experience of the series was primarily drone based with the concept of soaring above the valleys of Bridgend as if the viewer were an Eagle, commonly seen in that area. We used the DJI Inspire 2 along with the GoPro Max camera to give us stable, high quality shots. Some of the locations we flew from involved walking for 30-45 minutes with the equipment. It was here that this setup proved beneficial as it would have been difficult to carry a larger drone and camera rig with us to some of these locations. Despite it's small size, we were still able to capture high quality 5.7K 360 video using the GoPro Max. It's excellent built in stabilisation allowed us to achieve smooth results adding to the feeling of gliding around the valleys.

VR Drone Wales UK

The most unique shot in the film is without doubt the POV of a Golden Eagle flying. Similarly to the Parc Slip video, we worked with the British Bird of Prey Centre in Carmarthen. We worked with Alex and his team there to develop a custom harness for their Golden Eagle 'Midas' to wear. The harness was designed to be strong enough to carry the weight of the camera whilst being small and light enough to be comfortable for the bird, causing it no harm or discomfort. After several prototypes we had a sturdy rig which could be used to capture the shot. The bird flew with the harness and no camera attached until the falconers felt it was used to the setup, at which point the camera was mounted. In post-production we were able to remove all traces of the harness to make for a more immersive and realistic shot. The result is a unique perspective of this majestic creature and really adds to the VR experience.

Bird of Prey POV VR Video

To learn more about The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and the WILD VR experiences, click here.

A 360 VR experience like no other

The Wayback VR is a collection of films that are unlike any other kind of virtual reality film or VR experience. The films have been created to help those affected by dementia relive precious memories. Building upon the success of the 1953 Queen's Coronation VR experience, M7 Virtual were delighted to be called once again to shoot the next instalment of 'The Wayback VR' series - A recreation of the events during the 1966 football World Cup final. The film aims to capture the excitement surrounding the lead up to the match, with six chapters following different characters throughout their journeys.

Virtual Reality Experience Dementia

Travelling Back in Time

The VR experience allows viewers to immerse themselves in a variety of locations and scenes including a 1966 pub, barbers and living room. Great care was taken during filming to ensure that the scenes are portrayed as accurately as possible. The use of props were an important trigger to provoke memories for the viewer. Using period correct outfits, vehicles positioned in the street, home furnishings and many more details to ensure the 360 experience is as immersive as can be. It was amazing to see all the cast and extras in their period dress, and the set was looking fantastic thanks to the talented art department.

Wayback 360 Dance Scene

The Tech Bit

We opted to shoot the majority of the film using the Kandao Obsidian R camera. We chose this 360 camera for its reliability, live preview capabilities and ease of stitching. The live stitch capability allowed director Kevin Thomas to preview the scene in full 360 in real-time. This allowed Kevin and the team to choreograph scenes with great precision and ensure optimum camera placement. The six lens arrangement made stitching the footage easier thanks to the additional overlap compared to 4 lens 360 cameras. This was critical for some of the busier action scenes where there was constant movement between the stitch lines. For the lowlight scenes including the dance hall we opted for our Z-Cam E1 360 camera setup. The larger sensors in these cameras gave us a cleaner image to work with, and better image quality in the dark light as a result.

Wayback 360 Street Scene

Award Winning, Ground Breaking VR

The previous 1953 Coronation recreation 360 VR experience received a vast amount of media coverage. It featured on Sky News TV, Reuters, The Independent and many other news outlets. The VR experience also received a D&AD pencil award for the inaugural 'side hussle' category. It has also been awarded the 2018 Challenge Dementia Prize by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Similarly, the 1966 film has received mainstream media coverage, such as this bulletin on ITV News:



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Wayback 360 Street Scene

In a similar fashion to the previous Wayback film, the 1966 experience has received glowing reviews since it's release. The film was presented to Sir Geoff Hurst, a member of the winning England team on that day in '66. The World Cup winner enjoyed the film immensely and could see the clear benefits for those affected by Alzheimer's.

"The images in this film are just fantastic... it will be a huge help to people reliving the past."

To view the Wayback films, click here for Apple iOS or here for Android. Alternatively, more information can be found on the Wayback website by clicking the link here.




Delivering Immersive Experiences with Amazon

M7Virtual were commissioned by Amazon to create a VR experience of an Amazon warehouse facility.  Amazon wanted to produce a 360 video at one of their state-of-the-art distribution centres in Luton. The aim was to show the public and potential future employees a glimpse of how Amazon's fulfilment centers operate.

Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton
Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton

Solutions to Recruit and Attract the Brightest Talents

Prior to this 360 film, there was little information available about Amazon fulfilment centres. Generally, this was due to security concerns and visiting allowances. Their aim was to show that it is in fact vibrant place to work. Amazon has opportunities for progression and the working atmosphere is second to none. Amazon wanted to boost recruitment for their Luton site. They believed showing the centre in this light would attract more people to want to work there.

Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton
Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton

Immersive Experiences that Take you Behind the Scenes

M7Virtual worked alongside marketing agency Tonic on this project. The team began planning which direction to take this immersive experience. It was decided that a VR tour of the site would be the best solution. This gives people an exclusive look inside a place they wouldn't normally see. M7Virtual decided to take it one step further and introduce a protagonist into the film. We pointed out that the viewer will feel more immersed if they are chaperoned around by someone who already works there. Someone who lives it.

Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton
Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton

Creating the Experience for the Facility

Creating immersive experiences takes a variety of 360 rigs to capture the footage. M7 used cameras from GoPro and Z-Cam. We used a variety of rigging techniques in order to achieve innovative shots. Innovative shots aim to truly immerse the viewer. An example of this was rigging a camera inside an amazon crate. The viewer is taken on the journey of a parcel within the factory.

M7Virtual followed the storyboards planned out in the pre-production stage. Careful allowances on set are made to make the post production stage as seamless as possible. This means that removing the operator creating the 'invisible camera' look was more straightforward.

Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton
Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Luton

Amazing Results for the Client

In summary, the end result is a polished 360 video. Amazon and the team at Tonic added assets such as miniature animations throughout the video in order to enhance the film. A voiceover informs you on short snippets of information relating to what you are watching. The animations also reinforced facts about Amazon's recruitment process.  M7Virtual are leaders in creating stunning immersive experiences for clients.


We were asked to create a 360 video for Johnnie Walker Whisky that would take the viewer on a walk across some of Scotland's most stunning landscapes. The shoot took place over a week, visiting some iconic scenery in the Highlands including Glencoe, Isle of Skye, Crammond Island Causeway and many more.


Upon hearing the brief for this shoot we knew that our fully custom made gimbal system would be a perfect match for this job allowing for steady, seamless motion at the hands of the operator.

We made sure to mark the height of the gimbal to keep the shot consistent as well as keeping the same operator for all shots, walking at the same speed throughout. This allows the piece to flow seamlessly between shots.

Crammond Island Causeway was the first location, and with the tide high as desired upon arrival, the shot had to be captured quickly before the water became too deep for wading. Our gimbal rig was quick to setup and needed little to no adjustment prior to filming, meaning we could get straight onto shooting and capture the footage we needed in time. As with all the shots we capture with our gimbal, the pan, tilt and roll was compensated for nicely deducting the need for stabilisation in post and doing a better job at the same time.


We then travelled to Stirling to the Diageo Distillery where we were able to capture moving 360 footage within the site. With interest all around this location made for some great 360 shots.


On day two we visited the iconic 'Skyfall Valley' near Fort William, aptly named for its appearance in the James Bond film. A location that the production team was unsure about at first but in hindsight provided some of the best footage of the trip. We shot in the evening and had great luck with the weather, with clear blue skies and a beautiful sunset. Despite the uneven ground our gimbal yet again delivered the goods.


As well as the VR shoot, we also had a team capturing traditional video footage for another piece for Johnnie Walker. The drone the team used was the DJI Matrice 600 and a specialist Canon ME20F-SH infrared capable camera which enabled the capture of some truly unique images and allowed us to shoot long after the sun had set thanks to its incredible low light performance.



The finished piece was stitched by ourselves here at M7 and we were able to turn this around in quickly and professionally for our client.


Experience the video below and take 'The Walk'.

With ourselves and the vast majority of the professional 360 video industry relying on custom modified GoPro and DSLR rigs to capture their films, we were intrigued upon the announcement of Nokia's venture into the 360 video camera market with their 'OZO'. How could a company who are not the leaders in the mobile phone industry suddenly produce a camera product that would dominate the 360 video camera industry?

Featuring eight 2K sensors, 195° lenses and a stereoscopic compatible design amongst it's main features, the initial specs sounded rather promising. The price tag of $60,000 however, left many questioning whether this could possibly be justified. This has now become very apparent with many professional 360 companies such as ourselves not being able to justify the purchase of this camera when compared to existing rigs.

One of the selling points of the OZO is the ability to monitor the feed live on set, which includes support for HMD's such as the Oculus Rift, giving directors and clients the ability to see a relatively accurate representation of what will be captured. Whilst this is a great feature to have, other rigs such as GoPro's, Blackmagic Micro Cinema cameras and Sony A7S rigs can be hooked up to an external monitor for framing and exposure setting. We also often opt to use a Samsung Gear 360 camera in conjunction with our main rig, capturing footage during the takes and then giving the director the ability to instantly playback footage in the Gear VR headset, further negating the OZO's monitoring advantages.

The versatility of rigging the camera is also very limited due to the size and form factor of the Nokia OZO. Unlike GoPro or Z-Cam rigs that can be rigged almost anywhere in anyway due to their small size, the OZO can not be rigged easily particularly for moving shots such as a drone or gimbal.

Whilst the rig does offer the ability to capture stereoscopic footage, this is limited to the front 240° of the rig, with the back of the rig having a stereo blind spot, meaning it is not a full stereoscopic rig.

Whilst the specs promise Eight 2Kx2K sensors with global shutters and 10 stops of dynamic range, the footage we have seen and worked with has left much to be desired, and verging on unusable for professional shoots. Many other 360 studios have claimed better results using a simple 4 camera GoPro rig, albeit not stereoscopic and this is something we have found ourselves too. The OZO produces an overly contrasty image with crushed blacks and blown highlights with poor roll off, a high level of noise even at the base ISO of 400 and an unpleasant level of moire and artifacting in high detail scenes. The rig lacks versatility in terms of its frame rate, with a maximum of 30fps meaning that slow motion is not an option with this camera and motion lacks smoothness in a VR headset compared to higher frame rates such as 60fps.

In terms of ingesting and stitching the footage, to our surprise we learned that only a high end Mac Pro computer was compatible, leaving us with no way of working with or exporting individual cameras to edit in stitching software such as Kolor Autopano on Macbook Pro or iMac systems, clearly a massive issue especially on set where a Mac Pro system may not be an option. We've also found that rendering times from OZO Creator are far longer than traditional rigs, often more than 6hrs for less than a minute of footage.

The lack of videos available online shot with the Nokia OZO is a clear indicator that 360 creators have realised that this camera is a long way off being a viable tool for professional shoots, and the cost seems way off the mark relative to other rigs of comparable quality. Many professionals within the community have expressed their opinions and negative reviews of the OZO on closed forums and message boards.

The intensive marketing campaigns Nokia has carried out have misled agencies who may have missed the early 360 video boom and are looking for an all in one solution to capture 360 and these agencies simply assume that with a price tag as high as that of the OZO that this must be the best 360 VR camera rig when sadly this simply isn't the case.

Three things that the M7 team can't resist - 360 video experiences, innovative challenges and Chocolate!  That was the theme for this 360 shoot down on the South Bank in London where we had been asked to create a fun 360 video experience for the Cadbury Obey Your Mouth promotion, a fun and exciting marketing campaign for the UK's best known chocolatiers.

360 video company uk
A 360 little planet view of the Cadbury's Obey Your Mouth Fun House

We arrived on set early in the morning for setup, planning how we would rig up all the moving shots.  This was going to be a difficult shoot for a number of reasons.

  1. It was to cover 5 areas and produce a 360 video which would be around 1 minute in length.
  2. There are spaces with very low light are always a problem with 360 Video.
  3. Moving camera create issues of stabilisation.
  4. Rigging our cable cam solution.
  5. Parallax issues with actors/actresses being so close to camera.
  6. A busy public place with the Cadbury's brand in full view would attract a lot of attention.
360 video cadburys
The disco themed Crunchie room for that Friday Feeling in full 360 video.

Working with the talented & creative team from Wearecraft, we had agreed on a constant moving camera which would travel through the scenes at roughly the same pace throughout.  We first looked at a remote controlled car, but soon realised the first shot has a ball pit, so ruled this option out very quickly.  Drones were also ruled out due to tight flight space and being within the London No Fly Zone.  So a cable cam was realised as the preferred option.  We then had to design, build and test this at the M7Virtual Head Office in North Wales.  Like all innovative solution you have to try different options, our first cable was using 11mm thick climbing rope with a custom built 360 motorised rig.  It seems a little overkill for what we wanted and tensioning the rope was going to be an issue, especially as the cadburys rooms did't have ideal securing brackets to tension or ratchet against without causing some possible damage the sets.  So we decreased the rope thickness to 5mm and created a pulley system.  This ensured it would run smoothly and we could reduce the type of motors on the unit to pull it through the scenes.

360 video company cadbury
Wide angled view from inside the Double Decker room.

On the 360 camera we had to make a call between stabilisation versus parallax (seam tears).  As we also knew that the normal go-pro lens would not cope with the close proximity of the talent and other moving elements within the Cadbury's House.  So we opted for a 6 camera setup but all using adapted 220 fisheye lens, this in turn gave us 50-60% overlap on shots so we could mask out elements.  The M7Virtual Studio team then have worked really hard to stitch the 360 videos on a tight timescale.

360 VR Video Company
How could we not resist some fun on this wacky fun project - Chocolate Buttons Panda!

The final 360 video was turned around within 5 working days.

Within 48 hours of being released via Facebook 360 this video has attracted over 900,000 views.  Clearly showing that 360 videos are an amazing way to connect to audiences and customers on a global social media platform.

It's not often that Regent Street and other major streets in London are shut down for an event, but the Gumball 3000 is of course no ordinary event. More than 100 of the worlds most exotic supercars descended on the streets of London in May of this year, and we were there to capture it with our 360 video kit!

Gumball 3000 360 video Regent Street

We caught a morning train down to London, arriving just before lunch to find an already growing crowd of fans waiting for their favourite cars to take to the streets. With the first cars not due until the early evening, we had time to plan out our shot locations and logistics for the day. We knew that once the show was underway, moving between different locations would be a challenge due to the sheer volume of people, so we would have to plan out the fastest routes to get between each location. Working with the Marshalls and official Gumball media team we were able to setup in some unique locations to capture the shots no-one else could.

360 video Capture Gumball London

We began the shoot by capturing some context/b-roll material that we could use to convey the atmosphere in the edit, mainly focusing on capturing the crowds lining the streets. We knew that by capturing footage from a higher perspective would work well here in order to show the vast number of people in attendance. Ensuring our rig was as stable as possible was essential, not just from a quality of footage perspective but also from a safety perspective as we did not want to cause harm or damage to those around us or our gear. Using a good quality stable tripod and monopod system proved to be ideal here, with the team standing nearby and even under the tripod at times to be double sure the rig was safe.

360 video Capture Gumball London

With the first cars arriving, the team split up to capture the action from different angles, the focus being the start of the Regent Street leg. We had to move fast to capture as much content as possible, but had to balance this with our available battery life and memory cards.

360 video Capture Gumball London

Our main shot for the day would be with the camera fixed to the car of Gumball's main man and founder - Maximillion Cooper, driving a stunning Aston Martin Vanquish with wife Eve accompanying him. We had little more than 90 seconds to setup and rig the cameras onto Max's car, making for a very tense moment, with main Gumball photographer Alex stalling the cars buying us precious seconds. The cameras then ran for around 17 minutes as Max drove through Regent Street before pulling off and parking up with the rest of the Gumball participants in Golden Square, the resting place for the cars overnight. It was here that the other half of the M7 team were on hand to take care of the camera rig, thanking Max for allowing us to shoot what would sure be amazing footage.

360 video Capture Gumball London

The team then met up on Golden Square and captured the final few cars that arrived such as the beautiful Ferrari F12 in the image below, but with the light fading fast we still had to move quickly.

360 video Capture Gumball London

We finished shooting at around 10:30 in the evening and then had a 3 hour trip home, giving us plenty of time to offload the days footage and review the shots we had captured.

360 video Supercar London

The full video can be found below on the Official Gumball Youtube channel:

It was only last year that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, announced his plans that Facebook users would be able to teleport themselves between other user’s profiles with 360VR.  A bold statement at the time, but one that now has seen many industries realise his foresight and vision.  For us one of the more popular areas and one which offers huge potential for 360 video is that of virtual reality tourism.

360 video beach barbados m7 virtual

This started to become evident from our recent London Christmas lights 360 VR experience. With close to 20,000 users watching and then encouraging/sharing the link with their friends, they were all able to explore and see what it would be like to travel through the London City Centre during the festive period. This was when we knew exactly what Zuckerberg vision was all about. Our audience soon became global with the fascination of exploring another country or place they might not have seen before or even to revisit and relive those memories with others.

Each year millions of people all around the globe take vacations or holidays to places that they might never have experienced or seen before.  What if that experience could be captured in a 360 video, then potential customers could be teleported to that destination and look around at their own free will and leisure. You could check out the pool, bar or beach and explore activities or local areas of interest as a taster before you book.

bellagio 360 video vegas

360 Las Vegas - Experience The Bellagio Fountains

A key trick we have found to enhance these experiences is to have narrative, maybe even a VR tour guide or something as simple as voice over narrative. You also need something constantly going on in the 360 video scene so that it looks and feels natural.  Any scenes which are static could just as easily be 360 virtual tour style photographs and these don't have any soul or emotion, they are lifeless.

caribbean beach and sea 360 video vr360 Barbados Hilton - Chill by the beach as the Caribbean Sea laps at your feet

The beauty with 360 video is that the end users can look wherever they want, it is not scripted in a way where they are forced to look at where the camera is pointing, in 360 video the camera is pointing everywhere.  Could this be end of boring static brochures, could customers now actually experience these destinations first hand in full 360?

We recently visited Hilton Hotels in London and Barbados. The feedback we have had has already been fantastic, with end users all saying that they would definitely have the confidence to book those destinations now as they “believe” what is there after being immersed in a 360 video.

barbados horse washed down in sea and captured on 360 video

Destinations and venues anywhere in the world can benefit from allowing users to experience 360 video…..the traditional ways of picking a holiday destination could soon be a thing of the past and 360 headsets could become common place. We also think that with Facebook and Youtube both now supporting 360 video this will allow for potential customers to share venues and destinations.

360 video vr footage las vegas grand canyon

M7Virtual are happy to discuss ideas and concepts for 360 Tourism, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.


Shooting quality professional 360 video is harder than it first appears, it is not just a case of putting a cluster of cameras on a tripod and hitting record. Those who have tried have now undoubtedly found out.

The 360 rig position, scene lighting and reflections, as you can imagine are the first problems you would face, but these are the easy ones to fix! With 360 Video you also need to consider;


Anything too close as you could get clipping as objects move from one camera stitch to another. We carry multiple camera rigs for different scenarios ensuring we reduce parallax. We also ensure we frame the shots on subject on each camera where possible. Distance of the subject from the camera in the shot is also a huge factor.

Stitch Seams

Out of sync shots can create blurring effect on the seams. Therefore we always ensure a sync with audio cue points at the Start and Finish. Also Rolling Shutter can sometimes be mistaken as a sync error if shot on too low a shutter speed or the scenes holds too fast camera record movements.


Any movement or vibration is amplified in a dome or headset, it is critical to reduce this prior to stabilization in post.  It can be taken out in post but can be detrimental to quality.

Nadir Spot

How many times we see black spots in the base of a 360 video or a positioned logo to hide things. It is a simple fix on location, you remove the 360 camera and photograph where it was placed, then in post-production mask the black nadir spot out. Simple but really does sort the men from the boys!


There are many more things to consider such as another fix for exposure is changing exposures on top cameras or any that are exposed to greater light. Always carry a HD monitor to check each camera beforehand.

And all of this is before we begin to stitch for a final production.

M7Virtual bring their previous 3D experience & cinematography expertise to all shoots, ensuring we deliver stunning 360 VR experiences which totally engages and immerse the end users into a 360 virtual world.

We generally keep all our footage as 8k and downgrade to 4k if needed. We’ve created a number of 360 video experiences now for the UK’s top media agencies across many locations and settings. Some have been through M7Aerial as we are leading the way for aerial 360 video drone capture.

Contact us and we will be happy to come and demo footage in a headset or dome if needed.

360 video camera

360 Video or as some call it 360VR is continuing to make an impact in 2016, as it offers end users unique viewing experiences as if they were there. But what we have developed is the ability to enable users the sensation of almost flying. We have worked with our sister company, M7 aerial to develop a 360 aerial drone capable of carrying our 360 cameras whilst the drone and cameras are stabilized and safe.

We have opted for GoPro Hero4 Black Cameras, as they work best in a cluster of 6 beneath the drone. We have adapted the lens slightly to give a greater overlap for better stitching. We have also mounted a top camera which captures directly skywards. This is critical as we use this to mask out the drone from the final edit. (See our other post sorting the Men from the Boys)

aerial 360 video chester, cheshire, liverpool, manchester uk

There are several new consumer based cameras coming to the market, but these tend to be too heavy or simply don’t have the quality of resolution provided from a 6 GoPro plus rig. It is all about working out the optimum weight which the drone can lift safely and the quality of the end result. We have also worked out the ideal length of the pole which carries the 360 Camera underneath the drone.

The 360 video technology is constantly evolving which is why we are beta testing and working directly with third party developers. With M7Aerial we have two options of drones available for our 360 capture; a large heavy lift drone 7kg-20kg and a smaller sub 7kg rig which is ideal for indoor flight and gives greater flight capabilities within CAA controlled airspace. The smaller airframe gives us the ability for international travel and freight.

The UAV/Drone Aerial business is fairly similar to that of 360 video. If you own a drone you are not automatically an aerial cinematographer, we guess this the same for 360, buying a 6 GoPro camera doesn’t make you a VR specialist. The team at M7 have won awards for both their aerial work and Virtual Content, with years of expertise in both areas.

360 aerial video capture drone uk

M7aerial is a licensed CAA and insured drone operator based in the North Wales, UK. It provides aerial imaging, video and surveying.  M7Virtual is a leading 360 video capture and production company with global coverage.

aerial drone 360 video capture uk - Chester - Liverpool - Manchester - London

Setting up 360 Aerial Drone Shoot on Golf Course, UK

aerial drone 360 video capture uk - Chester - Liverpool - Manchester - London

aerial drone 360 video capture uk - Chester - Liverpool - Manchester - London

aerial drone 360 video capture uk - Chester - Liverpool - Manchester - London

Drone 360 Video - Aerial Experts M7Aerial

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