A - I Improvement Project Dome

The Brief

Working closely with the team from Igloo Vision, M7 have created a VR experience showcasing the recent works between Aberdeen and Dyce. This is part of the £330m of works on the A - I rail project (Aberdeen to Inverness). The brief was to produce a film which would showcase the improvements made to the route between Aberdeen Station and Dyce. The film would largely consist of aerial footage to give a greater overview of the route and provide a unique perspective for viewers. The film was to be shown to stakeholders and local members of the public in a VR dome provided by Igloo.

Edit and Production

The aerial drone footage was captured over three shoot days. We partnered with the drone team from Plowman Craven who used their Vogel R3D system in combination with our cameras and 360 expertise. Thanks to Plowman Craven's special permissions, we were able to fly over the track in urban areas safely and legally. A bespoke mount was built for the camera to allow safe mounting and ensured no vibrations in the footage.

The ground based scenes were captured in one day, along with additional voiceover material. We worked with project manager Billy McKay for these scenes, who introduces the viewer to the project in the film.

Stitching was carried out by our team in house. We had over 25 minutes worth of stitched footage to stabilise, which meant constant processing and rendering of the data to ensure we met the tight deadline.

Network Rail VR Post Production Stitching 360

Review sessions were held at Igloo's offices to discuss changes whilst viewing the film in the dome. This proved to be extremely valuable and allowed us to fine tune specifics such as sizing of graphics, text and imagery as well as to refine the use of effects and transitions. Motion graphics proved to be a key part of the film. These help to drive forward the key facts and information in an easy to understand, yet engaging and exciting way that wows the audience in the dome.


The film was presented to the stakeholders of the A - I scheme at Aberdeen Station on 5th October 2018. Those in attendance included members from Network Rail, Bam Nuttall, local councillors and many more delegates. The film was also unveiled to the general public later that day, enabling a greater understanding of the works. Over 150 people have visited the 360 dome film each day at Aberdeen Station, many watching the film multiple times as they were that impressed.



The aerial views of Aberdeen gave an excellent overview of the works. It also proved to be a great talking point for many of the attendees who enjoyed the unique view of the city:

Overall the film received great acclaim and proved to be a big success with both the stakeholders and general public. Viewing 360 media within a dome is great way of multiple people sharing the same experience. The M7 team have the experience and technical ability to cater for all types of 360 video production and display formats.



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