The opportunity to produce a VR film with a global brand is one that wasn't going to pass us by. Especially one which has a reputation of providing superb content and narrative journalism. The Guardian have identified virtual reality 360 video as an essential tool to tell stories to a worldwide audience. With the anticipation of delivering one of the key 360 video stories for The Guardian VR app - you can imagine how excited the team at M7Virtual were.

Wilderness: An immersive journey through Patagonia

The brief for the project entailed showcasing the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia. Whilst also retaining the high quality we’ve come to expect of the Guardian’s VR experiences. A region in the southernmost tip of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile where the wilderness has frequently been under threat. Wilderness takes you on an immersive journey through the stunning landscapes of Patagonia.

In January 2018, Chile signed a historic act of conservation, creating five national parks of 10m acres, protecting this area. This 360 video allows you to explore this unique location.

M7Virtual collaborated with a leading Guardian producer and camera operator for this piece. Where we provided our expertise and equipment to allow a skeleton team to travel over to Patagonia and create a successful 360 VR Film. By instilling our knowledge of 360 video into the camera operator before the shoot took place, we were able to ensure the piece retained the highest possible quality.

With the team equipped with our Kandao Obsidian R, GoPro Freedom 360 rig and GoPro Fusion. The Guardian VR team travelled to Patagonia to shoot one of our favourite pieces to date. The most difficult part of this project was supporting the team remotely. This was due to the only means of contact being through a satellite phone. However once the team had returned from the wilderness, the footage that was brought back to us excited us immensely.

Cinematic VR Film Collaboration

The post production process involved stitching the footage in Mistika VR, giving us the best possible quality for neat stitching. The team then cleaned up the stitch using Adobe After Effects and Mocha VR. For a piece that had such a romantic narrative, accompanied by beautiful landscapes, the quality of the cleaned up footage was imperative.

Milkyway VR

The final VR film was delivered so that it could be installed into The Guardian VR app.



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