What effect has COVID-19 had on the Film Industry and other businesses?

The film industry requires groups of people together on a set. Social distancing measures implemented by the UK government make this difficult. Public lockdowns are limiting access to locations. Delays are also occurring due the accessibility of cast and crew. Production companies are being forced to postpone the scheduled release dates of films due to the pandemic as a result. Many other businesses have also taken a hit from the Coronavirus outbreak: construction, entertainment and real estate being are just a few examples where workloads and client retention rate are falling. Organisations are now using VR live streaming to keep workers connected during these difficult times.

A member of the NHS checks a students' temperature to test for COVID-19

A member of the NHS checks a students' temperature to test for COVID-19

How can Live Streaming help the Reconnect Industry in General?

Film production, conferences, trade shows, classrooms, and sports are just some of the events have been affected by COVID19.

Live streaming brings a solution to many of the issues faced by numerous, diverse industries.

In the construction industry, the implementation of virtual site visits to check progress and catch up with clients is now possible using live streaming. Sales agents will also be able to show people potential future homes without ever meeting up with them.

Construction Industry
Construction Industry

COVID-19 Track and Trace

COVID-19 Track and Trace

How can Live Streaming assist with Track and Trace on set?

VR Live streaming enables large scale productions to assist and eradicate the issues caused by COVID-19 by mounting a 360 degree camera on main camera rigs.

This small camera can act as CCTV camera which enables companies to track and trace exactly who is, and isn't on set at all times. Large scale production companies then have proof of their compliance with all COVID-19 regulations.

If an incident of infection occurs, the ability to prove that a production is COVID-19 safe, saves a production team from further delays, as only certain individuals will need to self-isolate rather than the entire team.360 Camera on a COVID-19 Ready Film Set

360 Camera on a Film Set

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