M7Virtual are leading the way when it comes to producing Virtual Reality VR Training Films. We know how to leverage the unique advantages that VR 360 films have to offer for training. Health & Safety training, even assessments and continued professional development (CPD) we have VR solutions to help.

Training as though you are there - VR Training Films

We know a picture is worth a thousand words and video helps tell a story. 360 VR video goes a step further by allowing the user to become that story, to feel they are there.

The ability to have staff safely immersed within a bespoke environment is second to none. The training can help with empathy, particularly for customer service to that of awareness/prevention of hazardous operations. Wherever you wish to implement training modules in VR or 360 Video, these have some massive advantages over the traditional techniques.

The power of VR certainly makes training individuals far more receptive to what is happening around them and interactions are more realistic. It takes role play scenarios to a different level. One of the most unique advantages we have found with 360 VR is that it allows you to be to teleported. Imagine being teleported into someone else’s shoes, you become them and you can watch and learn the right or wrong.  Capturing best practise is also a valuable tool for any organisation. Virtual Reality training has so many advantages over traditional methods.

Using 360-degree video you can create truly immersive and engaging learning experiences for staff.  These VR Training films drastically increase knowledge retention, give enhanced learner enjoyment, and help keep things within budgets.

Benefits of Virtual reality Training:

VR allows learners to explore situations that simply wouldn’t be feasible due to safety or inherent cost in the real world. You would not need to close down shops for after hours training or downtime on construction sites for the weekly new starter inductions.

bluewater charter in vr

We are extremely excited with what this new method of training has to offer. Imagine the following scenarios for training...

construction training VR

Powerful visual stories!
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