The Wales Walk - 360 Virtual Reality Film

We have always wanted to capture the stunning landscapes of Wales in a cinematic 360 Virtual Reality Film. Being based in North Wales we are blessed with Snowdonia National Park 1 hours drive away. Over the course of 2 years where time has permitted we have ventured both night and day into the welsh wilderness.  We have witnessed storms, sunrise, sunsets, the milky way and snow blizzards but the results have all been worth it.

A self-produced project, but always with the intention of publishing it, when the time is right. With a traditional Welsh voice accent this could be a moving film which portrays a landscape of myths and legends.

Hidden Landscape through 360 Virtual Reality Film

The landscape is untouched and there are many hidden gems where you often wonder has anyone seen this before. Stream and rivers run wild, the wildlife and cattle in their abundance just seem to roam freely. It is a mesmerising landscape which offers so much for photographers who can often be seen on our travels. But as yet we haven't  met any fellow VR producers on our trails!

Often needing to walk, hike and climb into setting, the choice of camera is critical to our planning.  Primarily we choose reliability and weight as the key decision factors. At the end of the day you don’t want to hike 4 hours up a mountain for the camera to fail. We have mainly relied upon Kandao Obsidian and GoPro Custom rigs for these shoots, but the Sony a7s rig was used for the milky way capture.

Reliability & Quality 360 VR Cameras

We have used Drone 360 VR, Sliders, VR Gimbals and RC Cars to capture many of these shots. But to be honest the static camera rig has come into its own as the landscape is so beautiful. When we are travelling on overseas shoots, we have given people sneak peeks and little glimpses into our wonderful wales 360 Virtual Reality Film. Each time they say “where is that, its so beautiful”.

So its only right we give a little snippet of a Wales Walk VR project to you now. Keep posted for when we release the final cinematic video.

If you would like to find out more about our 360 tourism videos get in touch with us today!

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