Ashford Castle VR Tourism

M7Virtual have recently visited Ireland to produce an outstanding VR Tourism experience. The location in question was the stunning, world renowned hotel, Ashford Castle. 360 VR experiences can truly be an amazing marketing aid for these fine hotels. It gives the viewer a full 360 degree view of the hotel without leaving the room. This gives the potential customers a true insight into what they will be spending their money on.

Filming for 360 VR Tourism

Castle, Ashford, Gardens, VR Tourism
Ashford Castle itself captured in all its glory

Irish Castle captured in VR for Toursim

Using an array of rigging techniques M7 were able to capture these stunning grounds and its hotel in all its glory. The grounds of Ashford castle include its own lake, a stunning  4 star lodge, gorgeous cafes and even their own resident (now famous) Irish Wolfhounds. Celebs, royals and even presidents all can’t get enough of their amazing suites, spas and outdoor activities so M7 were chomping at the bit to begin this VR Tourism experience.

Irish Wolfhounds, RC Car, Kandao, Obsidian, VR Tourism
Kandao rig and the famous Irish Wolfhounds

Moving 360 VR Shots

Due to its versatility and overlap on its lenses, the Kandao Obsidian was used for the majority of shots. This was perfect for inside the rooms as it allowed M7 to expose each camera lens individually. We don't without loosing any detail outside the windows as a result of this. This gives us a much more polished final look.  The viewer is left still feeling immersed and like they’ve actually been teleported there.

Slider, Kandao, Cinema, Ashford Castle, VR Tourism
Our slider and Kandao rig about to capture the cinema room at Ashford Castle

We also used a small 4 rig consisting of 4 GoPro Hero 4 cameras as this set up works well for the drone. Building 190mm iZugar lenses into our GoPro made these drone shots possible. The drone we utilise for this shot was the DJI Inspire 2.

360 VR Camera Equipment

In order to use the most suitable rig possible for any given shot M7 used a variety of rigging techniques. M7's new 3 axis motorised Moza gimbal sat beneath our Kandao for many shots. This gives us a more stabilised image, making the post production process a lot quicker. Adding a hover board to this ensemble further stabilised the shot which totally eliminates the need for post production stabilisation. Having a knowledge of post production whilst on set is what M7 prides themselves on. Knowing what to do and what not to do can save vital time and effort at the post production stage. 

Fountain, Ashford Castle, Lodge, VR Tourism
The beautiful water feature at sunset captured on Ashford's grounds

Many of the rooms at the hotel required a combination of the Kandao Obsidian R and the slider. This adds that slight bit of movement to this experience without jarring the viewer. As a result is means they have more of a chance of taking in what the room looks like before buying. 

Capturing the remainder of this hotel was made possible by implementing both moving RC car shots as well as locked off tripod shots. The RC car provides the smooth movement, while the statics give the viewer a chance to look more into the finer detail of the rooms that required it.

Mixologist, Mixology, Kandao, Obsidian, Camera, VR Tourism, 360
Experienced Mixologist captured by the Kandao Obsidian R

VR Tourism for Leading Hotels of World Portfolio

All in all, M7 have captured not only a stunning and engaging 360 experience, but also one that teleports viewers to the glory that is Ashford Castle. Furthermore, Ashford Castle can now use as an excellent marketing tool for many years to come.

Using a VR headset or a compatible video player viewing this video both online and offline can be made possible. The videos for both Ashford Castle and its 4 star lodge are available below:




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