UAE, Kalba - Eco VR Tourism Adventure

After successfully shooting a 360 VR Tourism video for the Emirate of Sharjah, M7 Virtual were back out in the UAE. This time the team were tasked with creating an adventure VR Tourism video located in Kalba. With the team prepped and packed, we departed for our second Arabian Adventure.

ECO VR Tourism Adventure

The brief for this project was to showcase the newly built eco-friendly Kingfisher Lodge Resort. A world of adventure surrounds you at Kingfisher Lodge. From exploring the mangroves to relaxing on the sandy beaches. To capture this resort the team had to be creative whilst taking the viewer on a journey through this exotic location. With our previous experience of producing VR films from luxury hotels around the world M7Virtual knew what it would take to create a unique VR experience.

The film was broken up into 3 key areas:

  1. The Kingfisher Lodge Resort
  2. The Activities
  3. The Nature Reserve

Kingfisher Lodge Luxury Accommodation

The resort itself features luxury beach front lodges, a spa and fine dining. Whilst offering activities for its guests in the surrounding areas.

It was important that the team were equipped with several camera rigs, all of which had various strengths.

When shooting the interior areas of the lodge the Kandao Obsidian S really came into its own. With the ability to expose individual cameras differently, we could essentially shoot in HDR. This made the viewing experience as realistic as possible and avoided blowing out the exteriors.

When shooting some of the darker locations such as the spa we opted to use our Z-Cam 4XL rig, this was due to the Z-Cam E1 cameras low light capabilities.

For all of the interior shots at the Kingfisher Lodge we chose to use our motorised slider. This gave us the ability to keep the movement constant through each shot and follow the pace of the film.

Activities in full 360 VR Film

The activities at the Kingfisher Lodge included water sports, mountain biking, hiking and yoga. For each activity a number of different techniques were used to film the action. When shooting the kayaking we used our GoPro Fusion on a helmet to create a point of view (POV) experience. This rig was great to use in this instance as it allowed the camera operator to paddle in the kayak unhindered. We also used our Kandao Obsidian S, which we elevated with a carbon pole. We then sat in the kayak, allowing us to recreate a drone style shot getting nice and close to the talent, whilst also keeping them safe.

The GoPro Fusion was also used for the mountain biking scene. Again it allowed the camera operator to bike up and down the mountain safely. The results from both of these shots were fantastic.

Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre - Get close!

VR Tourism Arabian Leopard

The true test for the team on this shoot was working with animals. The brief included filming some of the most exotic animals in the area, one of which was the Arabian Leopard. Upon our arrival the leopard keeper informed us that we will have only one opportunity to get our shot, so we knew we had to work fast and efficiently.

After consulting with the keeper, we gave the instructions of where we'd like to place the camera. Which was right next the path where the leopard would be walking that morning. So far, so good. Once the leopard was allowed out of its enclosure it was now a case of watching and waiting.

What happened next was truly remarkable. The Arabian Leopard proceeded to walk up to our camera, before deciding to dismantle our rig with its teeth and claws!

What followed was a phone call to the rest of the team at another location to let them know 'we've lost a camera... but we've got the shot!'

The final video would be delivered for the World Travel Market 2018 (WTM).


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