Using Virtual Reality To Explore Superyachts

Virtual Reality is an amazing tool which is actively being used to explore super yachts. The exploration of a 150ft superyacht can be done from any location now.  Giving viewers the closest feeling of being on board without being there.  Touring the vessel this way saves you important time and the costs.  Resulting also with reduced hassles of travelling around the world.

The team at M7 have recently completed a number of marine focused videos in VR.   These range from capturing super yachts to sailing boats. Working with the team on MY Entourage, Midnight Sun and also for Sunsail. Sunsail provide worldwide sailing holidays and yacht charters.

360 VR can be used to advertise vessels for sale and for charter in much greater detail.   Consequently connecting on a more personal level to potential clients. This allows clients looking to charter yachts  are best suited to what they want from the vessel and overall holiday. Ensuring clients are not disappointed on arrival and want to re-book with you the following year.

The look and facilities of the actual vessel is of course very important to a potential charter client, however so are the locations that they may visit on their trip. A 360 video can capture some of the amazing locations a client may want to visit before they make the choice to visit them. This saves disappointment when its too late and they've already reached their destination. Capturing exclusive areas and also areas of outstanding natural beauty is something that we always enjoy doing. Being in possession of a selection of videos of many different locations can allow a client to experience and choose a location they won't be disappointed with before they begin their trip. Exclusive beaches, coves, bays and even individual anchoring spots can all be captured in 360.

Using 360 VR technology M7Virtual can travel and capture stunning footage of any size vessel.

360 VR allows potential clients to save on the time and the costs associated with travelling to the vessels location. A 360 video greatly helps with cutting  costs, sending a representative to review the construction process for new builds. With regular 360 video updates the need to either travel yourself or pay for a representative to visit the vessel is reduced.  As the client or representative won't need to travel to its location as often as without the use of virtual reality. A 360 video may even be completed to show the entire manufacturing process of a new vessel.  For either the owner to enjoy and show to friends and family or even the manufacturers to showcase their completed projects.

A set of 360 videos could also be completed to act as a training aid to crew going on board in the future. The videos could include different scenarios on board the vessel, allowing new crew to become familiar with the yacht.  Exploring the layout of the vessel before they go on board with the guests. There may not be sufficient time for crew to quickly learn the entire layout.  Resulting in a 360 virtual reality tour which helps them be better prepared for when the guests arrive.


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