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The campus virtual tour is an integral part of the university application process for all prospective students looking to choose their preferred place of study. In recent years there has been an increase in demand for universities to offer virtual reality campus tours. Thanks to the advancements in VR capture techniques, viewers now have the ability to tour multiple university campuses virtually. This means students can view campuses without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

This offers several benefits when compared with traditional on site visits:

Travel is negated

A key benefit of virtual reality tours for prospective students is the campus can be viewed without needing to travel to the university. This can be extremely beneficial from a cost perspective. Travel and accommodation can become very expensive when viewing several different universities around the country. Some universities will often require visitors to pay for all campus tour expenses. It is also of great benefit to foreign students, who may be unable to view the campus in person due to the cost of travel. An article from USA Today explains the cost benefits of virtual campus tours for students: "Virtual tours can cut back on your travel costs by eliminating some less-appealing universities on your list and hopefully give you a better idea..."

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Available 24/7

Unlike traditional on site viewings which require an arranged visit or open day, virtual tours can be viewed anytime. This makes them more accessible for prospective students. This also benefits the university who do not need to allocate staff and students to host an open day or viewing. This also means there is no time limit for viewings, allowing prospective students to study the space without the pressure of time.

Statistics and information

Information about the university and links to the surrounding area and amenities can be included in the virtual tour. This can be helpful to assist in the viewer's decision making. Videos and soundbites can also be included to enhance the experience.

Understanding the space

Compared to traditional media such as photographs and flat video, virtual tours offer a far greater sense of immersion. This in turn gives viewers a far better understanding of the space. Traditional media can often hide nasty imperfections within a room or space. Perspective tricks and wide angle lenses can often give a false sense of scale. These problems do not exist with VR since the viewer can look around in any direction. This means that prospective students can be more confident with their decision making.

University 360VR Virtual Tour Company

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