Visive LED Lighting 360 Video Marketing

Earlier this year we were briefed to create a 360 video experience for Visive Group, a company specialising in LED lighting solutions, based in Wrexham. This was in partnership with North Wales creative agency, Fotofire. We had a number of locations to capture across the UK including London, Luton and Manchester among others, with the aim to showcase a small selection of the company's LED installations using our 360 video technology in various creative ways.

360 VR video headset experience demo

The opening scene of the video features Charles, Visive's Marketing Director introducing the video at their headquarters. We wanted this scene to be natural whilst still having a polished feel to it and once we had agreed on the camera position set out to prepare the background ready for our first take:

360 VR video camera setup

The majority of the shots were to be captured during the evening/night to enhance the appearance of the LED strip lights. This presented challenges to the team when capturing the 360. Firstly the low light levels would mean that noise in the image would be an issue, so utilising the best possible camera settings was essential, but also meant that we had to use a variety of post production techniques to remove this. The wide variety of colour temperatures also meant that balancing the colours in the shots took some careful thinking and work in post to get the best results possible.

360 VR video capture UK

Motion blur was another low light issue we would have to contend with, making stitching more difficult due to the decreased sharpness and contrast in the images, particularly during the moving 360 car shots.  This meant range stitching wasn't an option, so we had to stitch the shot whilst the cameras were static to get the most detail for the software to work with.

Taxi London 360 VR footage

By connecting our 360 camera rigs to a monitor on location, we were able to determine the best framings and camera settings for each of the cameras in the rig, meaning that we captured the best results possible to make life in post that little bit easier. With prior knowledge of the overlap of each of our rigs, we were able to carefully place the cameras in position and have full confidence that the main subject would not be compromised by any ugly tears or seams, such as the Marriott Hotel shots in London.

Hotel 360 VR capture London

This was a fun and interesting shoot and our first venture into low light 360 video shooting, yet with some careful planning and consideration we were able to produce a polished product which greatly pleased the client.

Check out the full video below:

Visive have used this 360 video footage at a number of conferences and exhibitions to promote their products in an exciting and engaging way. It gives Visive the ability to teleport viewers to their various installations across the country, allowing them to see the product in use without the need to physically go there.

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