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A few weeks back we had a call that came into the office which would certainly put our 360 video camera equipment to the test! Cleopatra Browne of Celtic Quest Coasteering rang, saying: “Can you guys film someone jumping from a cliff into the sea below with a 360 camera…!!”  Well, not to turn down any challenge, we quickly established the need for drone shots, locked tripod shots from edges of cliffs, 3rd person POV, and helmet cams.

Everything was agreed and we headed down to the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire in South Wales. We could not have asked for a better day - low winds, blue skies and a nice swell rolling in from the Irish Sea. The location was breathtaking! As we drove down to the beach, we knew this was going to be a special 360 video project.

izugar 360 degree video lens

Quick look around, risk assessment, safety checks and we were away. Everything we could have tried on this 360 shoot we got the chance to put into practice. We nailed the tripod shots first, ensuring they were secure as we were not particularly willing to loose the 360 rig down a cliff face. Cleopatra and her team were amazing, they were so pumped for this as you could sense this was going to be a great way to get their experience out there. The drones shots provided us with the ability to put the camera anywhere we wanted to capture the action.

Drone aerial 360 video footage provides users with a different sensation and perspective, akin to being a seagull watching these coasteering experts have all the fun below.

We flew a 4 rig GoPro (adapted Izugar Lens) on our DJI Inspire Pro Drone, which we have adapted the base plate with carbon mounts and carbon poles to stabilise all the aerial 360 video footage.  We have also balanced the rig to ensure safe flight and optimum flight characteristics. Being fully qualified Civil Aviation Authority drone pilots and having the permissions in place ensures M7Virtual remains a leader in the field of 360 aerial video footage.

360 degree video landscape

Next was the fun bit - strap 6 GoPro 360 camera to a helmet and watch someone jump 30 metres into the sea! All we will say is that we owe our rig to plastic ties, the impact on the third jump caused a bolt to sheer and the safety backup ties saved the day.

360 waterproof helmet cam rig for 360 degree video capture wales

We have learnt so much from this shoot, and shooting first person experience action activities can be a little tricky with head rotations etc in 360. The results, we think have come out great and with already 20k views on the 360 video across all platforms it would appear we were right.

Cleo and her team made the day and if you haven't had the chance, then please check out the Coasteering website - its an excellent adventure in Wales for everyone.  It was great that our two Welsh-based businesses have been able to collaborate on this work.  We’ll be going back ourselves to do it for real next time.

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