VR Tourism - Kazakhstan

The Brief - VR Tourism Project

M7 Virtual have recently embarked on a Kazakhstan adventure tasked with creating a VR tourism film. The team will be working alongside our ultra creative client from Unit 9 in order to enhance the tourism in Kazakhstan.

The brief for this project was to open people's eyes to the hidden gems that lie within this amazing country in order to boost the tourism there. Using mainly the Kandao Obsidian rigged to our Inspire 2 drone. M7 aimed to capture as much of the surroundings as possible. From stunning lakes, to overwhelming canyons. The environment here really is something to behold.

The Recce

The first day in the country was used to recce the environment. This gave the team a chance to get to know the people we would be working with. As well as to scout the possible shots that we think could make the final film. For the scouting shots M7 and the team used the Mavic Pro Drone. We wanted to put together a traditional 2D edit of the recce day in order to gain an even further understanding of the story we wanted to create before we begin shooting in 360. The mavic enables us to do this extremely efficiently.

The Shoot

After seeing the beauty of both Lake Kaindy and Lake Kolsai we decided to focus our story around these. Meaning the remaining two shoot days consisted not only of us shooting these two lakes in 360. But also the rivers between in order to tie our story together. The rivers being situated between huge canyons meant that using these to tie our story together didn't take away from the quality of the environments shown in the film.

From using horses to scale the mountains to crossing rivers by foot there wasn't anything that got in M7's way when it came to getting the shot.

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